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Cusco: Kosher City Guide

KWB's Highlights:

Cusco, mountains, hiking, Peru. On the way to Machu Pichu.

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KWB's Highlights:
  • Be prepared for high altitude and feeling dizzy.
  • Have emergency information ready.
  • Drink Coca Tea and don't do any heavy activity.
  • Bring important/special medicine with you.
  • Previous your arrival get in touch with Chabad of Cusco, Peru.
More details:
  • Have you ever wanted to touch the skies? Cusco is one of those places! situated at 11,152 Feet above sea level.
  • Upon arrival at the airport, you will be handed with Te de Coca (Coca Tea). Yes it is from where the drug comes from, but don't worry, it is organic, fat free and won't make you hallucinate.
  • This drink is safe for human consumption, 100% legal. This plant will help you regulate the altitude sickness which isn't very fun.
  • Cusco is a very historical, you will see a lot of native people in their original dresses, specially the women. The architecture is from the time of the Spanish colonies. Many buildings are over 200 years old.
  • It is the main city to access Machu Picchu. There are two ways, by train and by hiking trails. Which one will you take?
  • There is a Chabad House in the city that serves mostly Israeli backpackers.
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