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Israel: Kosher Country Guide

KWB's Highlights:

Tips to make your next trip to our Holy Land even more meaningful and inspiring.

Read our tips and let us know if we miss anything! We would love to add your comments for the benefit of other Kosher travelers.

KWB's Highlights for Eretz Israel:
  • What we are not doing: We don't see any value in adding every Kosher restaurant in Jerusalem and Bnei Brak, because, unlike the rest of the world, there are too many.
  • Our goal: To add noteworthy MEHADRIN (Glatt Kosher) restaurants and tourist sites that we find OUTSTANDING or hidden in plain sights, like Kikar HaMusica or Meharat Tzidkiahu.
  • Special thanks to Adrian Laufer, the best Spanish language tour guide anyone can dream of.
  • Check out israelkosherdining.com to find Mehadrin only restaurants only anywhere in Israel.
  • Have we missed something? It's impossible not to!
  • Let us know, we'd love your help.
JERUSALEM City of David
  • Not to be confused with the Tower of David.
  • Already been to the old city of Jerusalem? If you haven't been to the city of David, that means you haven't really seen the REAL old Jerusalem. The place where David actually lived, as well as the rest of Judah's kings and where all kinds of stories that the Tanach tells us actually took place.
  •  You can enter a 2700 years old aqueduct and walk in the water that comes from the city's spring!
  • Ideal for kids or people of any age that love adventures.
  • You can either visit the place by yourself at any time or join a tour in english or hebrew. Check the City of David's website for more information and reservations.
  • This is the biggest underground quarry ever found in all Israel.
  • Archaeologists claim that this could be one of the sources of the Western Wall and the temple mount's stones.
  • The cave and its spring are named after the story of King Zedekia's (the last king of Judah) escaping from the Babylons through a cave from the temple until he's caught by them.
  • Some claim that the cave was dug by King Solomon. For that reason, the masons still use this very same cave for their gatherings!
  •  A 45-minute spectacle of lights and sound in one of the greatest fortresses in Israel.
  •  You can also visit the fortress and its museum during the day and see one of the most amazing views of the old city from the top of its main tower.
  •  There are two spectacles available, and there is another one in the city of David as well.
  •  For reservations click here.
  • An amazing experience to actually understand the meaning and importance of the Kotel and to visit it throughout all its length, not only the small part that we know outside.
  • If you've already been to the tunnels and you want to see something new, ask for the Behind the Scenes tour. You will discover a whole new world down there.
  •  A very dynamic and entertaining museum, or more exactly, a presentation of Herzl's life and his influence to the result of the actual Israel.
  • For visiting the museum we advise you to give them a call and ask where there's a tour in your language: +97 2 632 1515.
  •  An underground treasure. When you're walking in the Jewish quarter of the old city, get to know what you're stepping on: the Jewish quarter... of 2000 years ago (of course back then all the quarters were Jewish).
  •  You can rent headphones in many languages at the entrance.
  •  You might prefer to go to the burnt's house, which will show you a half an hour movie that will really help you make you feel how was it to live in the era of the second temple's destruction.
  • The most important holocaust museum in the world. And besides the museum, a whole mount with lots of expositions, visiting points and even a school and center for studies of the Holocaust.
  • You can rent headphones in many languages at the entrance.
  • If you get by foot, there is a transfer that can take you without cost from the beginning of the path near the light rail station to the museum or to any of the others places of the mount. There is also a parking lot inside.
  • This is the place where one of the most important battles took place during the six days war.
  • You can go through the trenches that were dug by the Jordanians and revive the story that is told there.
  • There is a short movie in which the soldiers tell their grandchildren about how they lived during that episode.
  • Ideally, you could visit the site with a guide who can explain in a more detailed way about the battle and its significance in that war.
Cave of the Patriarchs
  • Located, of course, in Hebron.
  • The side usually used a mosque where Itzchak is buried is open only during Succot and Pesach.
  • Hakafot Shniot (aka Simchat Torah) are UNBELIEVABLE there.
  • Experience Shabbat Chaye Sarah there.
  • Save money by taking a small scheduled bus from downtown Jerusalem.
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