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Turkey: Kosher Country Guide

KWB's Highlights:

Exotic beaches, mystical cities, and arid deserts.

Read our tips and let us know if we miss anything! We would love to add your comments for the benefit of other Kosher travelers.

KWB's Highlights:
  • There are many synagogues including Chabad, mainly in Istanbul.
  • Two Jewish museums.
  • Six Kosher restaurants and 9 Kosher butchers, most of them in Istanbul.
  • Mt. Hararat where Noah's Ark was found.
  • Jewish museum.
  • Turkey is blessed with amazing hotels, not just 5 star, but all the way to 5 diamond.
  • Thermal baths.
  • Exotic & pristine beaches.
  • We want to know more! Let us know what we are missing!
More details:
  • Long ago, Turkey (aka the Ottoman Empire) conquered nations and managed its way to the Land of Israel. A magical country, with bazaars like Aladdin, with amazing flavours due to the quantity and quality of spices, fishes, and vegetables.
  • It is one of those countries that doesn't stop impressing visitors.
  • It is filled with history, natural resources, and places to go. From exotic beaches, mystical cities and arid deserts.
  • It has one of the most important sea passages in the world, the Bosphorus which divides the country in two, the Asian side and the European side.
  • People visit Turkey for tourism and business.
  • The capital is Ankara, but Istanbul is the most touristic city. Turkey also has what was the nest of Sephardic jewellery in the area, Edirne.
  • Five centuries ago, during the inquisition, the Sultan at that time, sent fleets to save Jews from the Spanish persecution and bring them to Turkey.
  • Now a days, even though the Turkish president has declared his hatred towards Israel and there have been couple of terrorist attack towards the community, there is still a safe place for Turkish jews. They live happy there, no one bothers them.  The native turk is friendly, passionate for hosting and knows that tourism is important. As Turkey is an Islamic country, please be aware of those around you and their culture.
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