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Japan: Kosher Country Guide

KWB's Highlights:

Amazingly civilised and advanced. Come to Japan and be amazed!

Read our tips and let us know if we missed anything! We would love to add your comments for the benefit of other Kosher travelers.

KWB’s Highlights:
  • Japan is AMAZING and SURPRISINGLY Kosher friendly.
  • There are 5 Chabad houses across the country where you can spend Shabbat, two in Tokyo (one official and one unofficial), in Kyoto (unofficial), and the historic synagogue in Kobe which is run by an amazing Chabad couple. In 2019 2 new Chabad Houses opened in Takayama and Kyoto..
  • BEST TIP: Official Chabad will deliver sandwiches and a double-wrapped, microwavable dinner to any hotel with enough advanced notice. This means you can eat fresh food as you continue your trip. It seems Chabad in Kobe is a little better organised for this. This costs about $35 USD per meal and $15 USD per lunch.
  • Rabbi Mendi's Chabad House is the location for Chana's Place, the only sit-down Kosher restaurant in Japan.
  • The scenery is breath-taking and their culture totally unique and modern.
  • If you plan ahead and get meals delivered, you can eat well, and spend Shabbat with local Jews and fellow travellers. Don't miss Shabbat in Kobe.
  • Japan is very expensive, and kosher food is no exception.
  • Check out our many recommendations in the Tokyo map and the Kyoto city guide.
  • While KWB hates tourist traps, if there is one you will ever fall in, then let it be the Robot Show in Tokyo.
More tips:
  • Fruit is expensive and perfect. Find a supermarket or fruit store, and treat fruit as an expensive snack. For example, a small pack of the most perfect strawberries you have ever seen is about $5.00.
  • There are a few supermarkets that carry imported products with kosher certification, but they are expensive. Local stores carry very few non-Japanese products. Bring as many snacks as possible. National Azabu and Nissin World Delicatessen are the ones we know of.
  • Mikvah for women available in Chabad Tokyo and Kobe. The one in Kobe could use some upgrades, which is an amazing sponsorship opportunity for anyone who appreciates the mitzvah.
  • Trains from city to city are very expensive.
  • It's a country you will never forget. Everything is different there, many things are better than in our countries.
  • KWB staff recommends Japan as a top destination for seasoned travellers.
  • Have you been there? We'd love to share your pictures!
  • Staying for over 2 months? Try serviced apartments like Oakwood Apartments and Takanawa Duplex C, near the official Chabad.
  • When using KWB to plan your trip always click on the "START HERE" listings to find out general information about your destination.
  • Japan is a hidden jewel in the Kosher travelers' list. Their culture is so different than ours, and everything is so organised, polite, clean and interesting there. It's also one of the safest countries in the world.  Fun fact: If you lose your wallet in the subway, chances are it will be turned in to a police box and you will get it back.
  • More info here.
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