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Elli’s Kosher Kitchen

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KWB’s Highlights:

  • Dubai is a wonderful travel destination with good weather, excellent hotels, great hospitality and service. There are many exciting activities for tourists all year round.
  • Although there are no kosher restaurants in Dubai, kosher food is now available through Elli’s Kosher Kitchen
  • Elli’s Kosher Kitchen was established in February 2019, after the formal launch of 2019 as the United Arab Emirates’s Year of Tolerance in which the Jews of Dubai came to receive formal recognition.
  • It is the first and only establishment in the UAE providing kosher food.
  • It is a completely home-grown UAE establishment run by Elli, a South African woman and mother of 3 who has been living in Dubai for 6 years with her family. Having learned how to navigate the kosher environment in Dubai, and source kosher certified products, Elli has opened her kitchen to travellers to bring them kosher food from her home. In this way, Elli is extending the UAE’s culture of warmth and hospitality to kosher travellers.
  • As a private initiative, operating out of her domestic kitchen, Elli offers private kashrut with an impressive set of guests who have eaten in her kitchen (including Rabbi Yehuda Sarna – Chief Rabbi of the UAE and Chaplain of NYU in New York and Abu Dhabi; Rabbi Dovi Goldstein (CEO of Kashrut, Union of Orthodox Synagogues, South Africa); Rabbi Marc Schneier (Hamptons Synagogue), Rabbi Michael Shudrich (Chief Rabbi of Poland); Rabbi Mirkin, (Senior Inspector for Kashrut, Union of Orthodox Synagogues, South Africa) among others.
  • A mashgiach trained by the Johannesburg Orthodox Beth Din (South Africa) works with Elli in ensuring all halachic standards are guaranteed in her food production and Elli is currently working on establishing a permanent base for her kitchen in a commercial space, which will allow her to gain hashgachah through the Johannesburg Orthodox Beth Din. Watch this space!
  • Elli offers milchik and parev meals only as kosher meat is not yet available in Dubai.
  • Milchik dishes are chalav stam.
  • Food is ordered via the website and Elli delivers to your hotel making it easier for you.
  • The baklava and Arabic sweets that Elli offers are delicious! These sweets are produced in the UAE and come with a hechsher from Star-K.
  • Dubai is a safe destination to visit and is permissive of all forms of tzniut dress (including Hasidic dress)
  • Israeli stamps in passports are not known to have been a problem.
  • The UAE is a tolerant society that welcomes diversity and is the first country in the world to offer a Ministry of Happiness
  • Hate speech and discrimination is not permitted in the UAE. Definitely a place to explore!
  • To order food, contact Elli: [email protected]

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