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Lisbon Synagogue

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Inaugurated in 1904, the Lisbon Synagogue was the first synagogue to be built in Portugal since the late 15th century.

KWB’s Highlights:

  • The Lisbon Synagogue, called Shaaré Tikvah (Gates of Hope), is a historic synagogue in the city of Lisbon, Portugal built in 1904.
  • Services begin Friday at 7:30 pm and Shabbat morning at 9 AM. The Lisbon Synagogue offers Orthodox services.
  • Shabbat services IMPORTANT: Contact their office to make your prior and necessary identification: seguranç with copy to and If they don’t respond, do not be concerned. 
  • Keep in mind the Chabad is not in Lisbon, but in Cascais, a nearby and beautiful city.
  • Guided tours: The “Lisbon City Jewish Heritage”  seems to be interesting, for enquiries click here.
  • Read more user experiences in Trip Advisor.

Further information:

  • We recommend reading the book”Jewish Pirates of the Caribbean” for an easy but deep read of the Portuguese inquisition.
  • There have been Jews in Lisbon since the medieval times, they persevered through a critical blow in 1496, when an announcement by Ruler Manuel I asked for Jews either to change over to Christianity or to leave the country.
  • All synagogues of Lisbon were usurped and given to Christian religious demands. For the Jews that converted to Catholicism, called new Christian, the establishment of Portuguese Probe in 1536 inferred an invariable danger of being persecuted.
  • The synagogue is situated in an urban scene, disguised inside the square behind a fence and divider, recessed in a slanted working from the roads. The fundamental veneer of the synagogue faces an inward patio since Portuguese law in the nineteenth century denied non-Catholic religious sanctuaries from confronting the road.
  • The provisional development of a Jewish synagogue happened in the nineteenth century, however, there were challenges, to be specific those related with its official acknowledgment by Portuguese monarchists.
  • An official demand to build the synagogue happened in early 1897, which was sent to London and Lourenço Marques later the same year. A commission was built up to think about its development, named by the Jewish people in Lisbon.
  • In 1901, the permit was marked to purchase the land along Rua Alexandre Herculano. In 1902, however, the grounds were given to the Israeli Board of trustees in Lisbon, and an arrangement was expounded by Miguel Ventura Land (1866-1919), suggested by a commission headed by Joaquim Bensaúde.
  • The arrangement permitted a working space that could enable 400 men and 200 ladies to commend their religious worship. On 25 May the foundation was laid for the development of the working by Abraham E. Levy. The synagogue was initiated in 1904, it was the main synagogue to be worked on in Portugal, since the late fifteenth century.


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