What does Kosher Without Borders do?

    • Watch our video to see how to best use KosherWithoutBorders.com.
    • REAL: Tips and reports (listings) are written by our staff or fellow travelers like you.
    • PLAN YOUR TRIP: We will help you, not only find out where to eat, but also where to stay and what to do.
    • UPDATED: We contact EACH restaurant 2-4 times per year. Travelers, please contact us if you see any inaccuracies, or to share travel tips.
    • KOSHER-FRIENDLY HOTELS: There are some hotels that will let you use their kitchen to prepare an omelet, pasta, fish etc. Based on our and other traveler’s experience we will tell you which and help you set it up before you get there.
    • PREMIUM SERVICES: Use our site to plan your vacation on your own totally free, or we can plan and set up your entire trip with our VIP concierge services.
    • OTHER SERVICES: We can also arrange a private chef for your trip, kasher your vacation home anywhere, or fly you in a reasonably priced single-engine private plane within 300 miles.
    • GET THERE IN CLASS: We can take you to Key West for lunch and have you back in Miami for dinner.
    • ADVERTISE WITH US: If you offer travel-related services, such as tour guide, driver or similar, contact us for advertising opportunities. We can also feature your restaurant and improve the information already on our site.
  • FAQ’S:
    What guidelines do you use to list something as “Kosher”?
    There are countless Kashrus organizations. Our goal is NOT to supervise the supervisors. Our goal is to gather the information and present it in an easy to read format to educated Kosher consumers. We use one standard only: Orthodox. We list or link the supervising organization so you can you do your own research to see if it works for you.On the APP’s, how do I see myself on the map?
    There is a location button on the left side. Press it and the map will zoom to where you are.You are missing many country guides!
    That’s true! We want them to be thorough and useful. Have you been there? Share your tips with us and we will be happy to add them to the country lists that are missing.It’s taking too long to load!
    No kidding! We have over 2000+ listings on the site and growing daily. In order to load faster try choosing a more specific region or to narrow down with the category filter. For example, if you just click USA, be ready to wait, thank God we have many many Kosher options, select Florida and see what you need fast. Have you seen our Shabbat guide to Miami?