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3,000 + Kosher Restaurants
38 Kosher Travel Guides
1,000 + Research Hours You Will Save

Welcome to Israel

We list Mehdarin and Badatz eateries ONLY. Because if you rabanut is good enough for you, you don't need our app ;)
Wineries There are dozens of Kosher wineries in Israel. Wine lovers will love this feature.
Archaeological sites and unique activities The city of David Tunnels, Beit Shearim, Tzipori, Zedekiah's Cave and much more. Let us know if we are missing anything exciting!

Prayer times and eruvim 

Our app has everything a Jew needs when on the go.
Eruvim So you can take the baby next time, or your Chitas
Minyanim We are currently adding this new feature. Stay tuned!

Kosher Travel Guides

Organized by city or country Like speaking to a well traveled friend. Discover Shabbat, basic Jewish community info, Kosher product list, and other Kosher food tips. Short and to the point, our guides will save countless research hours.
Be a part of our project If you spent hours searching for outdated info on line, then there are more Jewish travelers like you. Be in touch and we'll incorporate your information to our guides and give you credit.

You can suggest, report and update places

Help us maintain a perfect database
While we use the latest technology to stay updated, you can report new, closed, or establishments that lost their Kosher certification.
Minyanim Soon you will be able to add your minyan or update prayer times.
Kosher Travel Guides
We can't do this without you. You can let us know your tips or even write a whole Kosher travel guide.

The Kosher App of the Future

Kosher Without Borders is the app you dreamed of for years.
It's modern, and updated all the time.
Kosher Food Almost 4000 Kosher restaurants, supermarkets, wineries, and more. Discover a world of Kosher food options worldwide.
Eruvim Browse our map to discover Eruv boundaries. Take the baby with you on the next trip!
Must see Unique experiences we recommend. From food and hotels, to archaeological sites and fun activities.
Country guides Short and to the point. Like speaking to a well-traveled friend. Practical Jewish travel advice, Kosher product lists & more.
Prayer times Discover nearby Minyanim and stay connected while traveling.
Coming Soon: Update your Shul's minyan times.
Activities Once your essential Jewish needs are met, discover highly rated activities recommended by fellow travelers and us.
Account Save your favorite spots. Soon you will be able to filter out Non-Cholov Yisorel, or Hashgachas you don't like.
Multiple Devices Your profile and favorites Sync automatically across all your devices – Table, phone, & web

Popular Destinations

Kosher Travel Guides Popular Destinations Enjoy the best places in the world picked by our customer reviews all around the world. Plan a new adventure using our short and to the point guides.
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